Prophetic Fits


The spiritual genius of being prophetic is not limited to calling out addresses and knowing names. In fact, that is not prophecy at all but another spiritual gift—the word of knowledge. The gift of prophecy has so much more beauty to its fundamental and advancements of existence, and produces the power to promote change and bring people closer to God. And when God created you to be a prophetic instrument, He attached to that the power of creativity.

In Prophetic Fits, Apostle Sherman D. Farmer evokes the biblical concepts of time and eternity to encourage the greater destiny inside of you and provide nourishment to your soul, spirit, and body, uplifting you in the assignment of prophetic ministry. This book will teach you a strategic way of enhancing and embracing the gift of God and the gift of prophecy that reside upon and within you—without allowing the gifts to discombobulate you!