The Battle Is Not Yours


Stress. Anxiety. Worry. We’ve all felt these emotions at some point in our lives. Whether we’re new to the dating scene after years of marriage, dealing with a past full of physical and emotional trauma, or wondering if our lives are on the right paths, we often find ourselves afraid, uncertain of whether we will ever be what we thought we’d be. If only we knew we could turn to God and be shown the right way . . .

In The Battle is Not Yours: A Fight for a Better Life, author Tyeasia Kiah provides personal stories and reflections to help you find God and walk forward in a new direction. She does this by reflecting on passages in the Bible with her own brand of wit and wisdom, providing insight and direction for overcoming mental and physical distress. With this book, you will have the tools necessary to triumph over your past and look ahead to a new, more improved you.