The Making of a Medical Mogul, Vol. 3


If you are a doctor who is overwhelmed, stressed out, or underpaid, get ready to be inspired to turn your life around. If you are a doctor who wants to monetize your medical degree beyond the hospital walls, you’re about to learn how some of the world’s most sought-after doctors did just that.

The Making of a Medical Mogul, Volume 3 will encourage you to turn your purpose into profit and leave your mark on this world. If this is your year to lose the limits and to become a more productive YOU, and achieve everything you want in life, this book is for you. Thirty-eight Medical Moguls share with you how to break self-sabotaging habits and amplify your own personal power. Their stories of triumph will urge you to turn burnout into breakthrough! Get ready for the awakening, so you can live the life of your dreams.

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