The New Prophetic Generation


For many years, the prophetic office and gifting has been considered a hoax by many fundamentalists who doubt its current operation and relevance. The purpose of this book is to enlighten its readers concerning the original intentions of prophecy. The convergence of Old and New Testaments demonstrates that there is a prophetic gene and family.

It will inspire the reader to seek out their prophetic purpose, parent and place of development. Prepare to travel from Adam to Jesus, Genesis to Revelation, and from applicable prophetic and apostolic teachings. These revelations will not fight denominational experiences, nor will they refute the relevance of one’s congregational life. However, the goal is to simply teach on the subject matter of the necessity of prophecy today from a universal perspective.

A compilation of intensive research coupled with tedious amounts of prayer and fasting, the revelatory and foundational information contained in this book will admonish pastors and Christian leaders on how to properly assess prophetic presence within their ministries, in addition to educating the Christian prophet on the importance of prophetic accountability and community.