In a largely saturated market of new authors, establishing your presence is vital in the book launching stage. Make a grand announcement about your upcoming release to create the buzz, increase exposure book/brand exposure, build an audience, drive visitors for pre-sales and/or other revenue producing opportunities (ie: speaking, collaborations, vending/ showcasing, etc.).

Our Pre-Sales Promotion services includes:

  • (60) minute author chat (Q&A session) on our Facebook Page
  • (5) promotional tweets
  • (5) Facebook posts
  • Facebook event page
  • Written transcript from the chat to use for you blog, radio interviews or other social media post


You want to let everyone know that your book is coming, but you don’t know how to market the book on your own online, or maybe you just don’t have the time to do it properly. Similar to our Pre-Sales Promotion service, this package is all about raising awareness, increasing exposure, and driving sales online, for an entire set of 30-days. This campaign should be launched either before the book is released to build the buzz – after the book is released to keep the buzz going – and/or for a specific event or promotion.

 Our Drip Marketing Campaign service includes:

  • Management of Twitter and Facebook accounts
  • Update accounts on each of the platforms, including writing yours bios, profiles, and descriptions
  • Monitoring of social media platforms to identify all mentions of you, your book and your content
  • Publicly welcome, acknowledge and thank participants for comments, sharing, liking and re-tweeting post


  • Write (3) text posts with a link daily     
  • Write (1) ad/promotional sales based post daily
  • (2) digital cards posted weekly (includes quotes, snippets or reviews)


  • Write (3) text posts with a link daily
  • Write (1) ad/promotional sales based post daily
  • (2) digital cards posted weekly (includes quotes, snippets or reviews)


You published the book, but you want to build an author platform and digital brand. Learn how to go beyond social media posts and networking pitches that scream “Buy My Book” and develop responsive-content that your ideal audience would like to see from you. Revive your book’s social status with an interactive content marketing routine designed specifically to get visibility and gain more sales.

Our Build Your Platform service includes:

  • (2) 30-minute strategy calls OR (1) 60-minute strategy call (your choice)
  • Book review to determine the best types of content and outlets you can use to promote your book
  • Descriptions and step-by-step components for each outlet type (ex: teleseminar on theme xyx from your book)
  • A Content Planning Template (to include an Excel workbook with tabs for social media, video, blogging, etc.)
  • Weekly writing and platform-building schedule
  • Sample pack of (10) tweets (written based on your book’s content)
  • Sample pack of (5) graphic memes (created based on your book’s content)
  • Recommendations for both online and offline marketing tactics
  • Customized “what-to-do and how-to-do-it” workbook to be used over and over again for different marketing campaigns

Need help with putting this all into action?

No problem, we can do it for you! For an additional fee, we’ll set-up your platform and social media tools, schedule the content and review the results for 30 days.