With extreme focus on WHO YOU DESIRE TO BECOME – we offer a variety of solutions to help you execute your divine assignment. Based on the most frequently discussed challenges, goals and needs of new independent authors; we’ve created something that didn’t exist – until now. 

Our creative team of editors, writers, designers, and marketing& sales strategists work closely together to ensure that every detail of your project is a clear representation of the message in your writing. Whether you’re looking for a publisher, need advice or just want self-publishing assistance; we have a solution for you!


All packages include ongoing 1-on-1 Author Support to guide you from start-to-finish of your project. You will be involved in every single step of the process, and included in all brainstorming sessions to ensure that YOU have complete control of your work, copyright and royalty earnings.  

Additionally, each package includes a high-quality custom book cover, a paperback proof, and promotional items to help position your book for major retailer interest and expansion. To ensure that money isn’t the reason for not pursuing your dream, we offer multi-level signature packages to defy the impossible. Here’s a quick description of each one – see which best fits your needs:


The time has come and you are ready to introduce yourself to the world as an author. Your gift can’t be withheld any longer, it’s weighing heavy on your soul and ready to be released. You simply can’t wait any longer, but you need help with producing the book to make it print-ready.


The whole world should know that you’re here, you have a message and you’re ready to make an impact! You know that your friends and family will support your release, but you want to connect with people globally (1 message, 1 book and 1 person at a time).  *Our most popular solution


Adding “Bestselling Author” behind your name dramatically increases your credibility and opportunities to reach your goals. To have your book ranked in the Top 100 out of 1 million books sold would be a great achievement for you. You’re ready to take your writing from a Book to a Brand!


Many authors want to fine-tune their project or just need a solution to help meet the basic standards of traditional media. We have you covered there too. Each item listed below includes a (15) minute brainstorming session to discuss the details of your request PLUS you will receive our FREE Make It Buzz™ 10-Point Checklist as a special gift

  • Audio Book Production
  • Bio and Blurb Development
  • Book Cover Design
  • Children’s Book Illustrations
  • Editing, Co-Writing & Ghostwriting
  • Epub/ MOBI Conversion for eBooks
  • Interior Design with Layout/Typesetting
  • Journals & Workbooks
  • Media Sheet
  • Printing Services & Proofreading
  • Setup Amazon and Distribution Accounts
  • Social Media Covers (Facebook, Twitter)