Want to know the strategy to make your book an Amazon Best-Seller? Need solutions on how to take the next steps with your book to increase your visibility?

Publishing your book IS NOT launching your book, and this is where authors quickly find themselves stagnated with a powerful masterpiece. Get all of your book-related questions answered by our Publishing Consultant in this intensive 60-minute recorded session.


Are you working on a collaboration project and need help with bridging your vision into a reality? Our Project Manager will walk you through the planning process to accurately and effectively launch your anthology. Achieve your desired goals within a specific time, and minimize potential risks or threats to the success of the project.

This services includes:

  • (1) 60-minute Strategy Session 
  • Contributor Fee Profit Model
  • Project Assessment to identify your goals and expect outcomes
  • Plan of Action: a detailed blueprint to take you from your vision-to-publication and beyond
  • Project Overview & Proposal
  • Independent Contract Agreement for Co-Authors 
  • Facebook Group Setup & Management
  • Promotional swipe text for pre-sales and release announcements 
  • Series of Review Calls / (4) 45 minute calls

BONUS:  Includes Amazon Bestseller Strategy