1380 Prospect Avenue


After the murder of their parents and younger sister, Silk, Satin, and Suede Lee are first taken in by their cruel aunt and uncle, then shipped off to Concourse Village, a state-owned facility for boys. Thrust into survival mode, the boys must decide a path for their lives with only the morals instilled by their deceased parents and the street knowledge they are quickly gaining. Their bond is constantly tested as they transition from boys to men.

The Lee brothers make friends and enemies with the boys of Concourse Village and the girls of Morrisonia Manor as they all try desperately to find steady footing in their new way of life. Separately, they have experienced unspeakable tragedies, but together, they learn what it means to be a family. 1380 Prospect Avenue is not another Bronx Tale, but a remarkable tale of life-long connections forged by the tough love of “da streets.”