Dealing with the issues of life can be overwhelming when you go it alone. HIM: Healing Inspirational Messages for Daily Living will show you how you can weather any storm with God on your side. Whether you are having an identity crisis, feeling distressed or distraught, or simply feeling like you don’t have what it takes to make it from day to day, you will find that, through God’s love and power, you can overcome anything you may be facing. With this book, you will be restored and rejuvenated mentally, physically, and spiritually through the Word of God, while being encouraged to love and forgive others, so you can be eternally free. Developing your relationship with God through prayer, trust, and meditating on His Word ultimately empowers you to transform your mind and live with purpose and fulfillment. If you are searching for hope, joy, and peace, this book will inspire you to believe God to do what He knows is best for you.