Meditation in a Time of Madness


It’s no surprise that we live in an overstimulated society. We too often feel stressed, exhausted, rushed, and short on quality time. For those identifying as black or brown, girl or woman, Jewish, Muslim, immigrant, and/or LGBTQ, the threats to our health (and lives) are multiplied.

Living in an overstimulated, discriminative society can negatively affect our physical and mental well-being, so it’s critical to prioritize the health of our minds and bodies, self-image, and relationships with one another. Meditation in a Time of Madness teaches children and their parents/guardians—individually and together—how to do just that.

Using her journey as a performing artist to become a professional dancer, a choreographer, a doula, and then a doctor, Dr. Carol Penn shares tools and techniques of meditation and movement to help you find strength and joy in your life and do your part to make our world a safe, thriving global community for generations to come.