Pavita calls herself a “professional polymath” whose mission is to spread light, love, learning, and laughter. She is a graduate of Yale University where she received her Master of Public Health in Social & Behavioral Sciences. Her graduate thesis explored the relationship between digital intimate partner violence and mental health outcomes.

She has been an editor with Publish Your Gift® since 2017 before her current role as project manager. She loves working in editing and publishing because it is an opportunity for her to dig deep into a multitude of topics, engage her love for language, and build relationships with authors. In fact, as of June 2021 she joins our publishing catalog with her new bestselling book, To All the Magic in Me!

Outside of Publish Your Gift®, Pavita currently serves as the Executive Director at Girls Health Ed and the Director of Content & Communications at Konversai. She also has her own editing business called pavEDITa. Pavita enjoys dancing, drawing, reading, writing, cooking, baking, and traveling. She currently lives in New York City and has been to 38 countries and 25 US states and counting. Stay tuned for her forthcoming book on her travels.