Do you accept every manuscript or offer manuscript evaluations?
No. We only publish non-fiction work under of imprint. However, there are categories that we do not accept: libelous or racist material, hate literature, or pornography, for example.

We do not review or evaluate manuscripts for literary merit or market potential. Evaluations are only completed to determine if the writing aligns with our core values to:

  • Promote social awareness and/or change
  • Develop professional, personal or spiritual growth
  • Educate and empower

We reserve the right to reject any work that we may find to be unsuitable for our company.

Do I need to copyright my book before I work with Purposely Created Publishing Group?
No. Upon publication, two copies of your book will be filed in your name with the Register of Copyrights of the Library of Congress to obtain a Certificate of Registration of Copyright. The copyright will be registered in your name, not Purposely Created Publishing’s.
Manuscripts and unpublished works are protected by common law and statutory law from the point of creation. There is no need to obtain a formal copyright registration before submission to Purposely Created Publishing Group.
Is the publishing agreement non-exclusive?
Non-exclusive publishing agreements aren’t standard. However, if requested; we’re willing to negotiate a specific publishing term that is mutually beneficial and flexible. Additional terms will apply.
How long does the publisher have exclusive publishing rights?
There isn’t a duration for exclusive rights to publish, it simply means you give us permission to manage and distribute the publication of your intellectual property under of company name. At any time, you can request a cancellation of imprint representation.
Can I republish the work under a different publishing company in the future?
Yes, but not with the book cover we created, and it can’t be duplicated to match any of the elements (colors, fonts, images) used to create the original design.
Do I own the copyright to the book cover design?
Authors don’t own the copyright to book covers unless they are the actual creator/artist of the work. Also, the stock image on your cover is licensed for commercial use, but you don’t have ownership of the image.

The book cover is separate intellectual property from the content of the book (in which you own the copyright). This is general copyright law.

Please explain ‘the author shall, upon termination of the first term make timely application for renewal of copyright.’
Once the copyright expires (95 years from the year of its first publication or a term of 120 years from the year of its creation, whichever expires first), it’s the author’s responsibility to submit the copyright renewal application.
Some content of my book is in the public domain. Will there be any issues?
It will need to be notated in/throughout the manuscript as a citation, otherwise it could be considered general or self-plagiarism.
Is there a difference if I copyright the work or if I do it as part of the agreement?
The only difference is if we file it for you, we will list our contact information as a correspondent just in case there are any issues with processing the application or infringement. We can respond and handle it on your behalf. Otherwise, we can’t support you with any potential copyright registration issues.
My book title has slightly changed from what was originally submitted on my copyright registration form/LOC document. Can I change it?
Since you can’t copyright a title, it’s insignificant, and we don’t suggest paying the additional fee to change it. What matters most is that your name is listed with the date. If an infringement issue occurred, the certificate with your name and date is suffice for arbitration.
Can I have the book ready by a certain time (before the release date in the contract)?
Standard project turnaround time is 120-days (16 weeks) from the date of receiving your manuscript. We can not promise completion before this timeframe, and we do not offer expedited services.
Do you provide ARC’s (Advanced Review Copies)?
No, we don’t provide ARC’s for several reasons:

  • The cover has to be completed much earlier in the process,
  • The interior would have to be formatted,
  • The content in ARC’s isn’t edited,
  • Lastly, someone would need to pick-up the expense to have the copies printed.

We suggest sending the PDF copy of the raw manuscript to selected reviewers, with a disclaimer (in the email and on the first page of the manuscript) stating it’s an unedited reviewer copy.

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