As an author selling books, should I apply for a business license or at least a Sole Proprietorship?
You don’t need a business license, but you should register your business name as either a sole proprietorship or LLC and open a separate bank account for this entity. For further advice or assistance, contact an attorney or tax accountant.
How do I check my sales?
In your account, just click on ‘Reports’ to see your sales.
How soon should I get my website done for pre-sales?
You should set-up your website or merchant account for payment at least 8 weeks before the release date. We don’t collect or retain any pre-sale earnings, so you should have a page on your website to capture these sales. Having a landing page as a sales page is suffice¬¬¬––you can just have a button or link to direct buyers to your merchant account shopping cart.
When will pre-sales start?
Pre-sales begin 4-6 weeks before the official release.
Is there a specific sales strategy for pre-sales?
During your pre-planning call, our Senior Publisher will provide suggestions for your pre-sales launch based on your topic, goals, and platform currency.
Do I set up the pre-sales on Amazon and iTunes, or will you handle that?
Although we can set-up pre-sales on Amazon and iTunes, we don’t suggest it, and here’s why: pre-sales for your book launch is a critical stage. During this stage, you want customers to purchase the book directly from you, so you can earn the highest profit margin.
Can I run a free promotion for my eBook on Amazon?
Kindle KDP (the free promotion program) has a strict exclusivity clause prohibiting eBook distribution via other retailers such as such as Nook, iTunes, Kobo, etc. while in their 90-day program. If your book isn’t available on other retailer sites while in their program, yes, you can enroll for free promotion.
How do I change the price of my eBook?
Send us your suggested price change, and we’ll make the change for you.
How can I set-up an Amazon Affiliates account?
Here’s a video tutorial on how to create an Amazon Affiliates account:
Amazon commission fee is 4.5% for physical books and 4% for eBooks.
How do I schedule a book signing at Barnes and Nobles or other bookstores?
Call or visit the store where you desire to have a signing, ask for the store manager and give him/her your ISBN number.

Your book must be available at a wholesale discount and marked /returnable. Bookstore signings are at the sole discretion of the store manager. For more information please contact the bookstore directly.

What questions should I ask bookstores before having a book signing at their location?
  • Who retains the sale (you or them)?
  • What will they do beforehand to promote the event?
  • Will they do a press release?

NOTE: Some bookstores have restrictions on promoting your event.

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