What are your service fees?
Our standard publishing service rates range between $2,500 – $5,000 and are based on your specific goals and needs. We also offer exclusive add-on services which offer you the flexibility to choose customize your needs.

Whether you’re looking for a publisher, need advice or just want self-publishing assistance; we have a solution for you!

Do you offer installment plans?
Yes. We offer flexible payment options to help you manifest your dream, without breaking your pockets all at the same time! All installment payments are due within the first (30–90) days of the signed contractual agreement.
What types of editing do you offer?
Look under the Editorial FAQ section for descriptions.
Why are there only 50 pages of editing included in the publishing packages?
50 pages are included as an added feature to our publishing services; editing is not publishing–they aren’t synonymous.

Publishing under the Purposely Created Publishing imprint requires a minimum of comprehensive editing, this is non-negotiable, as we ensure all of our manuscripts receive the highest level of evaluation and editing to preserve our high standard of excellence.

However, our self-published clients can choose any of the editing options listed above under the Editorial FAQ section.

Do you offer audio book services?
Yes. We offer this service via one of our partner companies. You’ll have to option to make your audio files available as a single purchase or as an entire album with global digital distributors such as iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Google Play and more.
Note: You will be responsible for sending us the recording file(s), and we will convert it for distribution specifications.
Do you offer ghostwriting services?
Yes. Our editorial team can produce your entire manuscript for you using various methods of obtaining your vision, concept, thoughts and voice.
What files are included in the eBook conversion service?
Files included are Microsoft Word, ePub and MOBI for various distributors.

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