1. NAME ON FRONT COVER & SPINE. To ensure your name appears correctly on the front book cover and spine, enter your name on the order form exactly as it should be printed with the correct (spelling, middle initials, salutation, and/or post-nominal initials or designatory letters).

2. REVISIONS. Name change request will incur a $75 revision fee. 

3. BACK COVER. The back cover will only consist of the book description (blurb), Publish Your Gift® logo, assigned ISBN and barcode. No additions and/or modification will be added to the back cover.

4. ADDITIONAL GRAPHICS. The front cover and (1) 3D image will be provided for promotional purposes and/or other use.

5. PRESS RELEASE (OPTIONAL). If I order a press release in additional to my personalized cover, I understand that the bio and book description that you have on file will be used to fulfill this service. The press release will not be sent to me for approval prior to distribution, and no additions and/or modifications will be added to the final press release. 

6. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT. By submitting payment for your personalized cover “vanity cover”, you acknowledge and agree to the terms of service listed in numbers 1-4 above (and 5 if applicable). Failure to read these conditions does not eliminate the aforementioned terms of service.

Accept this acknowledgment by returning to the order form and checking the “terms & conditions” checkbox.

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