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Your DNA is sacredly connected to the words of your masterpiece, the journey and the lessons of your life. It illustrates much more than what the eyes can see – you’re emotionally attached to it because YOUR WORDS:

  • Represents the core of your soul
  • Shares your experiences and wisdom
  • Unapologetically reveals your blood, sweat and tears
  • Will be the catalyst for another humans transformation
  • It’s your calling and a mark of achievement

Your Words Have Priceless Power!
You should OWN your copyright, CONTROL your content + EARN 100% royalties!


We’re a boutique publishing company, specializing in literature that empowers others through social awareness, education and personal transformation.

  • Thought-Provoking
  • Transformational
  • Legacy Building
  • Impact-Centered
  • Game-Changing


Our books showcase unconventional topics & concepts, written by modern-day trailblazers who are focused on making a significant impact.

  • Speakers
  • Educators
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Community Leaders
  • Everyday People with Untold Stories


We choose to stay in our lane of non-fiction categories, representing real people with real stories and valuable information.

  • Poetry
  • Memoir
  • Spiritual
  • Self Help / Educational
  • Inspirational / Motivational

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Indie Authors are Overlooked

Many aspiring and published authors, are sitting on powerful masterpieces that are overlooked and generate low book sales. Why? Mainly because the publications don’t meet the basic standards of traditional media. Here’s the brutal, yet honest reasons why:

  • The book cover is horrible
  • Limited time and resources for proper promotion
  • Little-to-no knowledge about the publishing industry
  • Lack of marketing and sales skills
  • Poor manuscript formation and content editing
  • Book title or description isn’t written to attract the target audience
  • Don’t know how to get the book in large retail stores
  • Don’t have enough money to invest in a standard quality product

Author Exploitation Is An Epidemic

As long as publishers seek to earn high royalties and manipulate someone else’s natural endowment, author exploitation will continue to leave writers humanly bankrupt – while the publisher is financially soaring. Without negotiation or compromise, YOU should earn high royalties, own your copyright and control your content. Why? 

  • It’s YOU who has been given the vision to create a purposeful message
  • It’s YOU who has been gifted with the ability to make an impact with your thoughts and words
  • It’s YOU who has spent countless hours on perfecting your flow of delivery
  • It’s YOU who should be financially rewarded for being obedient to honoring your calling 

“We don’t believe that a deal with a traditional publishing house authenticates your value”

 – Tieshena Davis, Founder & National Award-Winning Publisher


A Hybrid Publisher to Give Indie-Authors What They Deserve!


Publish a quality masterpiece that is sure to attract readers with your distinctive voice, feel and brand.  more


Establish your presence and attract your targeted buyers by successfully promoting your book like a pro. more


Sell your books or content directly to large quantity buyers, in non-retail markets, on a non-returnable basis. more


Get an assistant, make your book a bestseller, or turn your book into a fully-developed business model. more


Tieshena is one of those rare people who not only sees the vision, but can help you on the journey to making it plain, real, visible and profitable.

Katrina M. Harrell, 4x Best-Selling Author | Durham, NC

The work that Tieshena did with my book “The GPS Guide to Success”, was nothing more than amazing! If it wasn’t for her marketing strategies, I don’t believe my book would have been named a Best-Seller within the first day of its release. I strongly recommend her services!

Alex Tremble, Author & Leadership Speaker | Washington, DC

Purposely Created is a company that aims to bring your deepest dreams to reality. They work towards perfection, while keeping you closely informed about each step of bringing your book to life.

Spicee Gray, Author of The Unspoken Heart | San Antonio, TX

An inspiration to women and minority leaders.

Angel Rameau, Editor | Atlanta, GA

I gained more insight on how to promote my books. The wisdom imparted has helped me tremendously to reach a broader audience of readers, speakers and authors.

Stacy Y. Whyte, Best-Selling Author & Speaker | Orlando, FL

Tieshena was responsive, patient, and thorough. I will continue to use her services and I will surely recommend her services to others.

Maxine Bigby Cunningham, Author & Wellness Speaker | Baltimore, MD


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