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You’re a busy professional, so you lack the time, patience or ability to write and publish a book. Correct?

You already know becoming a published author will catapult your career, organization, business, and ultimately your life. You just need help with executing your literary idea into a tangible result.

You’ve landed at the right place. Take a deep breath, relax and prepare to experience a convenient and easy journey to unlocking your talent, passion and power to the world. 

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Within the past 9 years under our parent company, Purposely Created Publishing.



Consistently adding credibility to our clients’ work and positioning them for more sales.



Effective strategies for long-term profitability with direct-to-consumer opportunities. 

I have written two books before my latest release, and I must say that I’ve learned and gained more from Publish Your Gift®’s guidance than the others combined. They set their authors up for ultimate success!”

Kim Coles

Comedian, Actress & Business Coach

They make the process seamless. The team has a very straightforward methodology in sharing with you what’s important to do as you’re writing the book, what’s important to do before you bring the book to market and have it ready for publishing, and then what you need to do after the book is in the marketplace.”

Russell Williamson

Pharmaceuticals Executive 

I loved the whole process. Tieshena and her dream team made my experience easy. She was always prompt in replies, had info where needed, was able to provide explanation and additional info if required. I had a wonderful experience and would definitely utilize this company for any future publishing needs.”

Dortha Hise

Business Development Consultant

The process is super simple. The staff know exactly what to do. And in fact, with our long working relationship, they can anticipate my needs so that my product comes out even better than I had anticipated in the first place. Once your manuscript is done, within a few short months, your book is selling on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and anywhere you want it to go.

Dr. Jarret R. Patton, FAAP

Board-Certified Pediatrician & Career Coach

Tie not only gave me pointers, tips, and a plan for my current book, she also gave me advice and recommendations for my future literary endeavors. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with her and the team at Publish Your Gift®.”

Dr. Cecilia Banga, DO

Board-Certified Osteopathic OBGYN

Working with Publish Your Gift® is that it’s not just a publishing process. Tie Davis is what I like to refer to as a book/business strategist. The convenience of the process was far more streamlined than I anticipated! If I’d have known it was this simple to write a book, I’d have probably done it a long time ago and stopped putting it off.”

Brad Bellard, MD

Double-Board Certified Emergency and Sports Medicine Physician

I’m a very busy professional and I needed to work with a team that had experience in publishing books for doctors, was structured, communicates easily, has a plan, and can deliver on the plan in a timely fashion–Publish Your Gift® did all of this. As a result of my book, I was asked to be on several business panels, webinars and podcasts which all allowed me to have greater exposure in my field.”

Dr. Jaquel Patterson, ND, MBA

Naturopathic Physician & Integrative Practice Success Coach

“I love the all-in-one aspect, and how they moved me from step one all the way to publication, supported me all the way into the actual book launch and beyond—that’s what I love the most about them. And that’s why I will continue to come back and write more books and write more books.”

Dr. Ashanti Foster, NBCT

Gallup StrengthsFinder Coach & Associate Professor

The best thing about Publish Your Gift® is the team. Every single member of the team who was involved with my project really knew what they were doing and put a lot of care into their work. The whole experience was a pleasure, and I learned a lot. I look forward to many more book publishing experiences with PYG.”

Pavita Singh, MPH

Mental Health Executive

If you’re an author or an aspiring author and you just don’t know where to go or how to do it, you need to get Tie Davis and her team at Publish Your Gift® on your side, because they are cutting-edge professionals. They get the job done!”

Dr. Oliver T. Reid

Motivational Speaker & Book Writing Coach

Tieshena Davis helped me to develop a sales strategy and to identify my target audience in order to improve profitability. I was a little bit intimidated because this was my first solo book project, however, her staff guided me throughout the entire publication process.”

Yolanda R. Cumbess, Esq

Attorney & Motivational Speaker

I had published a book before, but I am glad I chose to invest in this team this time around. They walked me through the details step by step–Tieshena elevated my brand from being an ordinary author to a bestselling author. I wholeheartedly recommend her.”

Dr. Jerisa Berry, DO

Board-Certified Emergency Medicine Physician & Celebrity Fertility Expert

Tie Davis is very personable and super knowledgeable when it comes to all matters publishing. She offers very solid advice and I’m glad I’m working with her and her team!”

Dr. Kemunto Mokaya, MD

Board-Certified Dermatologist


Specific solutions for specific challenges, needs and goals.

Knowing how to produce and package your content, where to promote and sell your book, and what to say to attract your ideal readers are the top challenges for new authors. Our integrated approach to book publishing eliminates these obstacles, and unlocks opportunities that our clients deserve.