How much control do I have over my written work?

We may remove information we feel is extraneous, shift sentences around to create a smoother flow, or change the redundant words for the purposes of tone and clarity. That said, we make every effort to preserve your unique voice and style. Under no circumstances will we try to make your work our own, nor will we insert fabricated details for the sake of dramatic effect. If we need clarification or want to make drastic changes, it will be noted in your first round edit comments. Tieshena will contact you directly, and collectively we’ll work out a strategy to reshape your work.

Can I use the names of real people, places, and businesses in my book?

For purposes of privacy and to prevent claims of defamation, it is required that you change the names of any “active business” or “living person” regardless of their role.

Please note name changes in your submission, so we can put a footnote in the text (e.g. “For the sake of privacy, some names have been changed”). It is fine to use the actual name of places (e.g. city, state, community, etc.).

Will my work be published as initially submitted?

As noted in Section 18 of your publishing agreement, we reserve the right to make changes to the copy-edited manuscript corrections for proper grammar and clarity without eliminating any of your thoughts, notions or concepts. Also, some details may be moved around in the interest of preserving continuity within the manuscript. We will NOT make changes to substantive ideas, or content (names, places, events, emotions, etc.) without your permission.

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