Facets of Life


Think of yourself as a valuable gem–you are beautiful and multi-faceted. Some experiences can cut and damage your surface, but through trusting in God, you will begin to see your inner light shine through the cracks.

In Facets Of Life: A Collection of Poetry, Prose and Praise, Renna Roberts-Gore imparts her belief that “any emotion can be expressed in black and white, and words have no boundaries.” Through poetry, prose, and her personal Facebook statuses, she beautifully weaves through the aspects of life: family, faith, loss, love, womanhood, self-acceptance and growth. Roberts-Gore reminds us that we are never alone, and each experience, whether good or bad, makes us stronger and closer to the Lord. She encourages you to realize your gift by sharing her own, baring her emotions with love and humility.

Release your inhibitions, allow yourself to join the journey of emotional expression and be inspired to pass on your own message.