Glow Up Your Life!


Dr. Kristamarie, a nationally recognized physician, speaker, and consultant, prescribed this inspirational guide to help professional women look and feel good so that they can achieve more. Glow Up Your Life’s unique approach breaks down the essentials of how to best dress on the job, a date, a flight, or a night out with the girls. It helps readers understand how to build a confidence-boosting wardrobe while nurturing the foundation of our beauty—self-care.

Beauty starts the moment we become our true selves, and how we feel on the inside and look on the outside plays an integral role in building the confidence to exude that authenticity. Dr. Kristamarie shares ways to repurpose what you already have and incorporate simple additions to make your outfit shine! If you’re ready to look good and feel even better, this book will empower you to become the boss you were born to be.