Healing Military Wounds


Those who have served their country in the US military know all too well that some of the greatest battles to be fought occur in a familiar place: back home, during the transition from soldier to civilian. In Healing Military Wounds, social worker Lucille Roane guides readers through the emotional and physical struggles of living as a veteran, and how one can overcome such obstacles with a fitting mindset, understanding, and external support. Roane speaks from a place of experience, not only as a VA provider, but also an ex-Sergeant First Class (SFC) with twenty years of service. The merging of these worlds makes for a read that is structured but emotional, sensitive but firm, encouraging yet realistic.

In addition to first-hand accounts from veterans who have wrestled with their transitions, Healing Military Wounds also includes a Preventive Maintenance Checks and Services (PMCS) in which readers may conduct their own self-examination by inputting their own experiences, thoughts, and needs. Whether you are a veteran, a loved one seeking ways to help, or simply someone who wishes to be better informed, these chapters will remind you of the continued sacrifices our servicemen and women make everyday and of our own duty to support their lives back home.