Is My Lollipop in Heaven?


Eight-year-old Daja misses her sister, Ayana. She doesn’t understand why Ayana, affectionately called Lollipop-or Lolli-for short, was taken from her because of a shooting at school. To help Daja make sense of what happened, her parents take her to see a therapist, Dr. Mac.

There, Daja meets a circle of other children who have, like her, lost someone they love too soon. With the help of Dr. Mac, Daja and her newfound friends learn ways to cope with their feelings of sadness and anger.

From Tyreese R. McAllister, Is My Lollipop in Heaven? is a story of both pain and hope: pain from the senseless acts of violence that happen every day, and hope that though loved ones may be gone, your love for them never has to end.