Just What the Doctor Ordered


    Since her childhood, Kelechi A. Uduhiri, MD, MPH, MS wanted to be a physician. Inspired by the bedside manner and kind deliberations of her family’s house-call doctor, she finally realized that dream, as the first woman in her family to become a medical doctor. She delighted in the time spent with her patients, hearing their stories, understanding them more deeply. As years passed, however, she spent less and less time with her patients-ending up at a shocking seven-minutes-per-patient timeline due to the enormous amounts of paperwork and documentation. She knew she had to make a change.

    In Just What the Doctor Ordered: Ten Reasons to Live Your Truth, Dr. Kelechi shares ten mantras with readers so that they, too, may transform their lives from the daily grind into inspired, intentional living. Her faith-based ideals led her to her new dream: to empower people around the world, sharing her passions for entrepreneurship, wellness, and, most importantly, God.