Ladynomics, Vol. 2


The path to financial wellness continues in the sequel to Ladynomics: A Woman’s Prescription for Wealth and Financial Well-Being. Global and national struggle, such as the kind that has resulted from COVID-19, underscores how important it is to be financially fit. In uncertain times, it can be all too easy to get discouraged by one’s financial situation and become stuck in a negative cycle. Fortunately, it is never too early or too late to take steps toward financial wellness.

Well-versed in finance and personal health, Dr. Randi Nelson provides you with tools for the particular ups and downs of life, from purchasing your first home to grappling with unexpected unemployment. As Ladynomics, Vol. 2: A Woman’s Practical Guide to Becoming Financially Healthy demonstrates, anyone, young and old, can take the necessary steps toward financial wellness. By reshaping your attitude and approach, you can open yourself to opportunities that will help you and your loved ones on your path to financial success.