Monadiki The Goddesss of Fierce Leadership


    Monadiki is the inspirational tale of a girl who is born into a world of gods and goddesses and goes through the common struggles of growing up. Her parents know there is greatness in her, but Monadiki can only see one thing: she is different from all the other little goddesses. Monadiki doesn’t like eating lamb or wearing white togas and gladiator shoes, but she feels that fitting in is the only way to her happiness–until she realizes that what makes her different is exactly what makes her special.

    In her first book, Allexia Brewer promotes a strong message of leadership for young girls to be proud of the unique gifts they are given at birth, and that if you follow your own dreams–not others’–you can live your life with authenticity. Monadiki is the young heroine every girl can look to for the courage to embrace her true self.