Physicians Rise Up


The healthcare industry is rapidly transforming, and effective healthcare management is critical. Yet, most physicians who are propelled into leadership lack the proper guidance and structure to be effective. Unable to excel in their roles, many often experience burnout and some even quit medicine for good, leaving an even bigger fracture in our delicate healthcare system. Is there a solution? Absolutely!

In Physicians Rise Up: The Guide to Evolving as a Healthcare Leader, Dr. Herbert shares how training and recruiting physician leaders is the answer to addressing the difficulties plaguing the healthcare industry. By doling out tips and insights she gained while making her own successful comeback from burnout after 20 years of practice, Dr. Herbert proves that physician leaders can indeed step up and change the direction of the healthcare system one organization at a time.

This invaluable guide is a must-read for every doctor who is ready to confidently transition into a thriving leadership role in healthcare.