Sharing the Weight of Grief


Grief can be incredibly hard on those left behind, no matter whether death is sudden or has been expected due to failing health or advancing age. Even those who are not directly faced with grief can be affected as they try to support their grieving family or friends. How do you support your loved one during such a difficult time? How do you know what to say or do?

Filled with grace, empathy, and faith, Sharing the Weight of Grief: The Dos and Don’ts of Faith-Based Grief Support by Dr. Jacqueline L. Phelps is a wonderful resource for anyone attempting to support those who mourn. In this book, Dr. Phelps relates her own journey and how she made it to and through with the help of the Infallible Word of God. She uses her knowledge from her grief journey to aid readers in helping their loved ones to and through the seven stages of grief-stages of primary focus, shock, denial, anger, guilt, depression, and acceptance-and into engaging in life anew.

10% of the proceeds from Sharing the Weight of Grief will benefit The WARM Place, a nonprofit organization in Fort Worth whose mission is to provide grief support services at no cost to children and their families. The WARM Place is privately funded and is not affiliated with any religious or government organizations.