PK Kersey

PK Kersey

Founder of That Suits You, Inc.

PK Kersey is the founder of That Suits You, a nonprofit organization that provides suits to deserving men; partners with NYC schools to teach, train, and motivate young people; and offers training, presentations, and overall assistance with several certified job programs throughout NYC and beyond. He is also the founder of PKs Pitch, a blog that handles the social media activity for businesses across the United States.

PK has been named Black Enterprise’s Modern Man, NY1 New Yorker of the Week, and he has received the Young, Gift & Black entrepreneurial award. He also co-authored the bestselling business & mentoring book, Renegotiating Greatness.

Prior to founding his company, PK worked as a New York State employee for over 24 years. He has been married for over 25 years and is the father of twin boys. PK lives by the motto, “It is never lonely at the top, if you take people with you!”

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about the book

Suited for Success, Vol 1.

Achieving success is a deep-seated desire that burns within every human being. However, many people struggle to attain it because there is no roadmap. But what if there were markers to help you along your journey? What if there was an honest and empowering guide offering life-changing solutions for reaching your zenith?

Within the pages of Suited for Successs, you will receive the sage advice of 25 bold men who have taken their fate into their own hands and are helping the next generation rise. The curation of entrepreneur and author PK Kersey, the stories in this book are a testament that no matter where you start, what challenges you face, or how hard it seems––success is possible.

Written for those who want to win by men who are winning, this book will equip you with the tools and motivation you need to chart your own course to success!