Is print-on-demand available, or are there minimums required for ordering books?
Yes. Print-on-demand service is available, and there are no minimums required.
What are the printing costs per book?
This can’t be determined until after the book has been formatted and prepared for final page count.
There is a discount given for 51 books or more in one single order. The printing cost is extremely low compared to other print-on-demand companies.
Do you know what it means when Amazon says that there are only 5 books left in stock?
In an attempt to stay competitive with other sites, Amazon uses different strategies to provoke sales. One of them is listing there’s a certain number of books in stock. You’ll probably also notice Amazon discounts the book, this is also a sales strategy. Although discounted, it doesn’t affect your royalty payment for Amazon.
Will there be a certain number of books the distributor prints for Amazon, and then more are reprinted?
No, the distributor doesn’t send a set number of books to Amazon; that’s only if you are registered for Amazon Advantage warehousing services. Your book will/or has print-on-demand (POD) service, so books are only printed as ordered.
Will I be able to order paperback copies?
Yes, you will have the opportunity to purchase paperbacks once the physical proof is approved. After you’ve completed your physical inspection, you can place your order. If corrections are needed, you’ll have to wait another 7-10 business days to place the order.
What's the turnaround time for printing and shipping?
The turnaround time for printing varies, but you’ll have the option of 1, 2 or 5-day printing with 3-5 days standard shipping, 2-day and overnight express shipping.
How much will my book cost?
We won’t be able to determine the cost of the books until the final layout is completed. Books generally range between $3 – $5 based on a final page count of 80-250 pages.
Once the final file is approved, how soon can I place an order?
You can order the same day as the approval.
What is the weight of the book cover and interior paper?
The book cover is 100lb, and there are several options for interior to include, 50lb, 70lb and 70lb glossy.

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