50 Holistic Treatments for Kids 5 and Under


Parents of young children are frequently faced with situations where their child is sick, but traditional medicine seems unable to help. Childhood maladies such as colic, earache, and sudden fevers can be hard on parents who just want their children to get better but have no idea how to help. Fortunately, a solution is at hand.

In 50 Holistic Treatments for Kids 5 and Under, Dr. Pamela Middleton provides a must-have guide for parents who are looking for natural treatment options for their children. Drawing on her experience as an integrative pediatrician, she goes through the most common childhood illnesses, explaining their symptoms, traditional and holistic treatment options, and when an illness is serious enough that parents need to seek professional medical treatment for their child. Dr. Pam’s clear, concise guide for natural and holistic healing will give parents the information they need to help their children.