The Roadmap to Successful Asthma Treatment


Whether you are a parent or caregiver, you may be overwhelmed and concerned about the diagnosis and treatment options for your child’s asthma. Or perhaps you just want to understand asthma and how to best help your child. In either case, Your Roadmap to Successful Asthma Treatment: A Parent’s Guide to Preparing for Your Child’s Doctor Visits and Long-Term Care is for you. Joi S. Lucas, MD, pediatric pulmonologist and asthmatic, understands that asthma can deprive you of precious time and the simple joys of health. In this guide, you will find a roadmap to successfully treat asthma and put your child on the path to thriving.

You will discover that your power as a parent is in knowing your child better than anyone else. By recognizing this, you are in the perfect position to partner with your pediatrician or other specialists in determining which are the right medications and treatments for your child. You will learn to control asthma by understanding the disease and gaining knowledge of the strategies employed to make your child’s health and life better.