A Purpose Driven Woman


The path to finding your true purpose is often filled with doubts and detours, and attaining the life you feel destined to live can seem impossible. But in A Purpose Driven Woman: 14 Memoirs on Becoming Fearless & Intentional, Felicia Shakespeare and thirteen courageous coauthors prove that you can transform your life and live out your passions.

The compelling stories of women who shifted into their purpose to become the best version of themselves will embolden you to face the truth of your circumstances; forgive those, including yourself, who have caused you harm; and take the necessary steps to become everything you were born to be. This anthology will serve as a testament to every woman who decided not to give up on her dreams.

So, if you’re ready to transform your life and reach your goals, A Purpose Driven Woman will set you on the course to finally living out your calling.