In this anthology of trial to triumph, self-hatred to self-love, and desolation to dreams achieved, Toni Ellis along with eleven authors share their experiences of how they came to not only soar, but also roar within their lives and in the lives of others. The stories here are as difficult and relentless as they are powerful and emboldening, with topics spanning from sexual abuse, childhood trauma, and disease, to relationships, self-care and self-love, and family life.

All are different, but none are strangers. They are women we know, women we love, women we’ve been, and women we will become. Most of all, they are women of the same SOARROARity™, who acknowledge, honor, and uplift one another through the most stable and profound common ground: Their love and gratitude toward God, the Deliverer of every person.

Join the SOARROARity™ and find yourself, your truth, and your voice within the warm and welcoming fellowship of these women.

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