Bodacious Conversations


Shame can be a toxic and devastating emotion. Worse, it can linger on for years, causing us to feel fatally flawed and unworthy of acceptance or love. We often cling to our shame, feeling that it’s what we deserve. There is a way to release that shame, however, and that is to reveal it. Through revealing it, you will remove its power over you. But exposing your shame is not an easy thing to do. If you want to move forward, you need to be bold. Audacious. Bodacious.

In Bodacious Conversations: Stories of Shame, Survival, and Success, Linda Husser and thirteen courageous authors reveal their moments of shame and tell how they have managed to stop lying to themselves, break shame’s chokehold, and overcome its stigma. By sharing their stories and exposing their past shame, they hope to encourage others to do the same and to live free, bodacious lives.

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