Unchain Me Mama


Pain. Abandonment. Neglect. Judgment. Pressure. Abuse. At first glance, these words don’t bring to mind the elements of a relationship between a mother and her daughter—but these hardships are often involved as a mother and daughter each navigates her way through transformative experiences.

Inspired by her own ups and downs in her relationships with her mother and daughter, Audra R. Upchurch brings together eight women who, through their bare-all stories, divulge the many struggles they experienced with their mothers, from childhood into adulthood, and how they discovered the strength to forgive and cut the chains of resentment.

Whether your journey in healing involves setting boundaries, letting go, speaking out, or finding a common ground, use the bold voices that compose Unchain Me Mama as the fuel to seek out the solution to mend your spirit as well as your relationship with your mother.