Chosen for This


As the First Lady of the church, you have the divine privilege of becoming the beacon of virtue for your congregation, your community, and even your husband. But with any position of honor, the expectation of perfection can stifle your convictions and lead you to doubt yourself and your purpose.

Having been married to ministry twice, Janice R. Love has experienced both sides of this esteemed role and has answered her calling to ensure other women married to ministry do not give up on their dreams while supporting their pastor husbands. In Chosen for This, Janice shatters your preconceived notions and common fears of life as a First Lady, giving you the courage to use your platform to serve those who look to you for guidance. Using the wisdom of her thirty years in ministry, she imparts the three key ingredients you need to answer your call and walk beside your husband, not behind him.

Are you ready to serve?