Common Germs, Supernatural and Curves


Every parent dedicates their time, efforts, and hopes to protect their children’s wellbeing. Especially for those with children who suffer chronic illnesses or conditions, the need to maintain not only their health, but also their happiness becomes essential. However, while traditional and conventional medicine may fulfill the first requirement, the pain and the repercussions that result from the side effects of many of the treatments may leave your child feeling worse, confused and scared of the hospital.

In Common Germs and Supernatural Cures: A Parent’s Guide to Keeping Your Child Happy and Healthy Naturally, renowned pediatrician and pediatric osteopathic physician Dr. Tamika Bush shares safe, holistic, and all-natural methods to fight your child’s specific conditions and symptoms, which also support his or her entire body health. With tips and resources for both new parents of infants and veterans with older children, this comprehensive guide offers alternative methods, original recipes, and everyday health supplements in the form of herbs, spices, teas, and oils to help children thrive in their health and in their lives.