Courage to Lose


Are you among the multitude of women who have struggled with weight postpartum? Has the number on the scale ever caused you to believe you’re not enough? If so, Courage to Lose: A Blueprint to Losing Weight, Loving Yourself, and Embracing Life, is the perfect daily companion to kickstart your health journey.

In this motivational and easy-to-use 28-day guide, Dr. Firlande shares tips and strategies she applied to overcome her own challenges with postpartum weight gain. From meal prep, exercises, and affirmations to recipes and insight on how to choose the right diet and shift your mindset, the information dished out in Courage to Lose will inspire you to abandon your comfort zone, track your performance, then celebrate your wins as you finally reach your goals.

No matter where you are on your weight loss path, Courage to Lose will help you attain success and wholeness–mind, body, and spirit.