Slow Down by Choice or Lay Down by Force


Our society tells us that if we are not constantly moving, we are not being productive. Yet often the most productive choice we can make is the choice to slow down-before our hectic lifestyle catches up and forces us to focus on our own self-care as outlined in personal testimonies in the book.

In Slow Down by Choice or Lay Down by Force: 7 Keys to Restore Wholistic Balance in Your Life, Trina Pitts-Khalfani outlines the seven steps that lead to a more balanced, healthy life. While contemporary science only begins to recognize that the health of the mind can shape the health of the body, we can and should embrace this truth whole-heartedly. Speaking from over twenty years of experience in health promotion and disease prevention, Khalfani shows us how we can return to the tried-and-true natural health practices that different cultures have been using for thousands of years in order to heal the Mind, Body, and Spirit.