Cut the Sh*t


Are you ready for a crash course in building confidence, dispelling negativity, and becoming the best and brightest version of yourself? It’s time to Cut the SH*T! With her infectious enthusiasm and unapologetic voice, businesswoman and polisHER Sterling Clinton-Spellman leads you through thirty-three refreshing and effective ways to stop insignificant thoughts and polish your mindset. At the core of her message is this: Your way of being is in your way of thinking. Replace toxic thoughts, unworthy relationships, and fear with significant thoughts that will help you clarify, plan, execute, and achieve your dreams!

In addition to being a comical and no-BS guide, this book also acts as an interactive space with reflective questions for readers and affirmations to boost their confidence. So, what will you do today? Will you continue living beneath your potential or will you step up to become the unique individual God blessed this world with?