Behind The Rank, Vol 2


Innumerable women can relate to having both visible and invisible scars from their life’s journey. Yet, too often they are afraid to share how they got those scars and how they healed. That is why Lila Holley and 16 coauthors are back with Behind the Rank, Volume 2.

A unique breed, these military women who have taken an oath of duty and now belong to a special sisterhood, are leading the charge to share their stories, their lessons learned, and their messages of hope.

As you read their narratives, you will see how they dealt with an array of injuries from being wrongly accused to being denied promotions and even confined. Yet, they held on to their faith and remained positive throughout their journey. Their accounts of courage will inspire you to continue your healing process, so that you too can one day look at your scars as beauty marks.

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