Deciding to Soar!


The perfect emotional and spiritual pick-me-up, Deciding to Soar! offers advice, encouragement, and straight talk for even the busiest people. Author and life coach SharRon Jamison packs knowledge and honesty into tightly-compact thoughts that will stick with you. These, each added with further commentary from Jamison, will usher you toward a fruitful, uncompromised life that focuses on your happiness and growth, while also honoring God and the relationships that are important to you.

These pages are divided into sections that address specific areas of your life—friendships, relationships, faith, and more—and are accessible, appropriate, and accommodating to every person, regardless of age, background, culture, or place in his or her life. Take the time to invest in yourself and to do the emotional, physical, and spiritual work needed to reach your goals and empower your dreams. With Deciding to Soar! it only takes a moment!