Reprogram Your Mindset


You have worked hard your entire life. You excelled in school, received numerous accolades, and built a stellar career. You are the definition of a high performer. So why aren’t you happy? Why doesn’t it feel like you are “Winning” at life?

In Reprogram Your Mindset: 100 Winning Quotes and Affirmations for High Performers, Dr. Toni A. Haley teaches you how to WIN. Her personal story of overcoming fear, self-neglect, relationship challenges, and financial setbacks to living her dreams will inspire you to envision your ideal life.

This book gives you the tools to find your path, gain more confidence, and conquer hurdles and temporary setbacks. You are feeling stressed, burned out or just stuck, Dr. Toni’s “playbook” will help you reprogram your mind using personalized affirmations and inspirational quotes from other successful high performers like the Obamas, Elon Musk, and Oprah Winfrey.

It is time to prioritize yourself and start WINNING BIG!