Fix My Staff


Working as a doctor can be incredibly fulfilling–but it can also be frustrating if the staff you depend on to support you is unmotivated, low on morale, or even dysfunctional. And when your staff is unhappy and uncooperative, it can lead to your patients feeling disrespected and undervalued, ultimately costing your practice patients and revenue. What you need is a team that’s built on a solid and unbroken foundation. What you need are the tools to build a team that’s dedicated to your vision for your practice. What you need is this book.

In Fix My Staff: Tools to Create and Retain an Unbreakable Team, Dr. Mesheca C. Bunyon draws on over twenty years of experience of working at various practices and being a leader in optometry to assemble a toolbox of ways for you to hire and cultivate a dedicated team and to develop the practice of your dreams.