There’s an Elephant in Your Office, 2nd Edition


A quarter of the US adult population, 64.6 million people, live with a mental health disorder. But, shhhh, we don’t talk about that at work-until now.

Having recognized that it’s time to create a post-pandemic environment where everyone can do the job they were hired to do, including employees with a mental illness or psychiatric disability, Ashley Sides Johnson and Andrea Sides Herron are back with There’s an Elephant in Your Office: Practical Tips to Successfully Identify and Support Mental and Emotional Health in the Workplace, Second Edition.

Using a herd of elephants as a metaphor for employees experiencing a mental illness or episode of poor mental health, Ashley and Andrea share their collective knowledge and experiences to equip employers, managers, and supervisors with the tools and information they need to help people on all rungs of the corporate ladder notice, identify, and properly interact with the elephants in their office.