I Am Woman Enough


The twenty-two women in this honest and empowering work prove that affirmations may be the most influential tools we have to make our dreams into realities. As selected by bestselling author and founder of Genius Academy(TM), Asa Leveaux, these narratives explore a variety of issues that face women today–domestic violence, body-shaming, sexual assault, self-doubt and hate, addiction, poverty–and how faith in God and in oneself can take down any of these obstacles.

I Am Woman Enough will encourage and inspire readers, then allow them to make remarkable changes to their own lives. In the interactive latter half of the book, readers are given 365 powerful affirmations for each day of the year and a safe space to explore what they must do to fulfill those pledges to the self. The stories and affirmations here exemplify that we must not only survive life, but also thrive in it.

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