If I Should Die Before I Wake


It’s Time to Reflect…and Transform Your Life.

Do you hear the clock ticking? The alarm ringing? Do you feel lost? Stuck in a rut? Need direction?

If you are struggling to figure out your purpose in life, If I Should Die Before I Wake is your roadmap to discovering your true self, not who the world says you are, but the unique masterpiece that God created you to be. If you are searching for the Why you are here on earth, this is the time to embark on the quest to seek and find your true meaning in life.

Come explore a guided path of wisdom, real life advice, experiential exercises and anecdotes designed to help you identify, cultivate and embrace your calling. If I Should Die Before I Wake includes 50 transformative messages that will elevate your consciousness and ignite your soul, empowering you to confidently be everything you were destined to be.