The Ultimate Guide to Chastity


If you are a single woman who is tired of falling for men who are wrong for you, check out The Ultimate Guide to Chastity: Removing the Iron Panties by Sandra James. James’s guide helps you identify your personal negative patterns and insecurities that may be causing you to land yourself in unhealthy relationships, and any barriers you, either consciously or unconsciously, maybe putting up that are deterring the right men from finding you.

By sharing her own experiences as well as the word of the Lord, James teaches you to eliminate destructive thoughts and behaviors and magnify self-love so that you will attract your Mr. Right. Furthermore, this guide presents you with ideas for ways to enjoy being single while waiting for Mr. Right to come to you. After reading James’s book, you will understand why you should never settle for anyone who will treat you as anything less than the amazing person you are. This is an honest account that is empowering for all women and men.