Journey to the Joy of Truth


Very few things (outside of prayer) grab my mind and emotions at one time and command me to do better immediately. Denise J. Hart, your chapter readings have done just that. I was doing the ugly cry about 3 minutes while reflecting and DECIDING to do and be better. Thank you for what you are putting together. I love you, Lady!!! #shoutoutandshine ! ~ Kiana Shaw

The chapters are very touching and memorable––your mother’s story was ‘Creativity,’ the child’s story was ‘Collaboration,’ and Brene Brown’s story was ‘Surrender.’ I only remember these without a need to pull up the email because they were very well written and relatable chapter focuses on such enthusiasm and great visualization through your words. It’s been a wonderful experience.
Thanks for sharing! ~ Advanced Reader

OMG…I THINK I’M STAR STRUCK!!!….. THANK YOU, Denise J. Hart, Lord knows how my soul cried for you before I even knew you! You are my ambassador to becoming a practicing agent….been studying theories since 1999….smh….thank you for keeping my candle lit… family and I are deeply appreciative! We are listening and rewinding and discussing…my heart is changing…I feel like the Grinch when he finally felt his heart after it was previously hardened! We thank God for you!!!! ~ N. Williams

The one big takeaway I got is that it is in the sharing of our stories that transformation occurs. It tells us that we are not alone, that others experience what we experience, how others deal with it, and it empowers others to do their work. Even more than sharing, it is about being honest and vulnerable every step of the way. During her reading of two of the chapters, she began to cry as she read. I knew in those moments she was giving herself away wholeheartedly. It was through this that I witnessed power. ~ A. Henderson

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