Under Construction


Have you ever wondered why God allows you to go through certain situations? Sometimes it seems like He is in heaven with a magnifying glass, enjoying the show, while we are suffering on earth. But this is not the case–God is a Master Builder of both heaven and earth, and there is never a point in eternity where God is not in control.

In Under Construction, Ray Sorrell shows you how the experiences of your life are actually bricks to help build a better you. With Bible verses, personal testimony, and stories of hardship, each chapter will become a spiritual nail in the edifice that God is erecting in you. No tear, heartache, or mistake has happened in your life by accident. God knows the blueprint that He has for you. We are all in a construction zone. We cannot always see the warning signs. We do not always see the dust and debris. But God is working. As you explore this book, you will see that you too are under construction.